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SEFA offers high-end solutions in CCTV surveillance for the Financial, Transportation, and Commercial, Industrial, Military, Government and Retail sectors.
Advanced Video Surveillance for Financial Institutions
Financial institutions in UAE rely on our intelligent video solutions to increase security, combat fraud and reduce losses.
With proven reliability and industry-focused features, our Networked Video systems provide community banks through to nation-wide institutions with comprehensive video surveillance. High quality video, efficient and extensive storage, and powerful investigation and case management tools combine to help staff enhance physical security, better resolve customer disputes and significantly reduce losses from fraudulent .
Optimizing Transportation Security
Our transportation solutions cover both mobile and fixed environments, including stations, depots and park-and-rides. They help transportation agencies improve passenger and staff safety and respond quickly to emergency situations. Equally important, they help agencies manage and reduce risk, deter theft and vandalism, and improve maintenance and operational efficiency. Built to withstand the inherent challenges of managing hundreds or thousands of cameras and recorders onboard vehicles, these wireless and IP networked video systems deliver high performance .
SEFA offers IP video surveillance systems and integrated video analytics that can alert staff working in airport or seaport operations monitoring centers to a wide range of threats. High-resolution video from IP cameras provides the image clarity required for incident investigations, while our Networked Video Recorders all-IP and hybrid solutions employ video management software on industry-standard IT servers to produce efficiencies related to cabling, installation and equipment procurement.
High Performance Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Organizations
Our CCTV solutions provide commercial organizations and industrial facilities with a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of their customers, employees and assets. They also deliver advanced applications to help resolve liability claims, maintain health and safety standards and improve .
Powerful video management software and innovative hardware deliver high quality video that can be accessed and managed efficiently from any remote or central location. Security professionals benefit from real-time video monitoring and video wall displays of two to two hundred monitors or more .
Advanced Surveillance Monitoring & Video Analytics for Government and Education .
IP video solutions are playing an ever-increasing role in the overall security efforts of government and educational authorities.
Our solutions support live video monitoring from any networked location, including security operations centers fitted with video walls and any number of display monitors. Add to that a range of video analytics that automatically alert authorities to suspicious activity, such as bags left unattended, unauthorized entries into restricted areas, or camera tampering, and your operational intelligence is increased significantly.
Video and synchronized audio evidence are also accessed easily with our management software, and can be shared with authorities using any conventional viewing software. Video evidence is clear and security-sealed for authentication purposes. Video Analytics add further intelligence by cutting through vast amounts of live video quickly and generating alerts only on incidents of concern. These proven analytics range from perimeter protection and camera tampering alarms, to loitering and left object detection. They help staff react immediately and often proactively to potential threats.
Retail Solutions for Loss Prevention and Operations Management
Our CCTV retail solutions combine IP video systems and point-of-sale transaction integration with powerful management software. They deliver applications that help retailers reduce shrink, address risk and improve overall store performance.
Loss prevention investigators can take advantage of our Retail Transaction Investigation (RTI) software for essential exception reporting. RTI provides rapid drill- down capabilities that enable investigators to search for higher risk transactions such as refunds, no-sales and voids.
Security personnel also benefit from our feature-rich live monitoring capabilities and advanced video analytics. The solution can alert them to potential threats, such as camera tampering or movement detected in a store after hours, and delivers the tools these professionals need to better safeguard staff and customers .
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